Friendster returns, hoping to scoop up those jaded by Facebook

Posted on Thu Dec 3 2009

Remember Friendster? It was sort of the Xerox of the social-media age: a company that was onto a groundbreaking idea, but somehow screwed it up (see also: AltaVista). Before we count Friendster out, though, watch this video and reconsider. After all, it's true that "nobody wants to hang out in a place that's plain and boring" and is "too common" and generic. "I mean, if everyone's there, whoop-de-doo. How fun for you!" the narrator says. "I want my own space." OK then, how about, uh, MySpace? It's not the most persuasive argument, but then again, Friendster doesn't have many cards to play. Updating the site (to look more like Facebook) is a good start, as is the new tagline: "Connecting smiles." But isn't the point of a social network to have a lot of people in one place? After all, there are lots of failed social networks to visit if you want some quiet time.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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