Frederick's of Hollywood gets a makeover through social media

Posted on Wed Mar 17 2010


Long before Victoria's Secret sent its first be-diamoned bra traipsing down a runway or aired a Michael Bay action-clip undies commercial, Frederick's of Hollywood was the glamorous go-to lingerie brand. The bustier-and-garter-belt chain has been around since 1946, with founder Frederick Mellinger promoting risque intimates at a time when bloomers came in three styles: big, white and baggy. With some lean years and a bankruptcy filing now behind it, the iconic Frederick's is tweaking its image and repositioning for modern-day Bettie Pages and mallrats everywhere. The rebranding campaign, all via social media, has increased sales by 4 percent in the first month, outpacing projections, according to Linda LoRe, the marketer's president. The focus has been on new products, more trendy merchandise, e-commerce and loyalty reward programs. The campaign, via WhittmanHart Interactive in Los Angeles, has depended exclusively on emerging media, mobile marketing, community building and social networking. (More than 25,000 fans have signed up on Facebook.) Frederick's is one of a number of heritage brands that have been shaking off the dust and putting their best feet forward lately. In this marketer's case, that limb happens to be covered with a fishnet.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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