Ford Fiesta's campaign is a big deal, particularly the multicultural

Posted on Tue May 25 2010

What's interesting about the Ford Fiesta's new marketing from Team Detroit isn't so much the minute-long TV spot (above) that broke last week on American Idol (it looks like the opening number in a Broadway musical) or the webisodes about the Fiesta's perks (the world doesn't need any more zombie jokes) but rather the research they've put into their multicultural approach. Small cars are popular with Latinos and young people of color. Ford has embraced this. Its "Inspired by Color" program included a casting call at Howard University, where hopefuls "dressed in a Fiesta-inspired way." The five finalists will appear in a new spot on BET. Ford is also reaching out to bilingual and Spanish-dominant customers with digital ads and social-media presence. Since a lot of auto marketing is as white and bougie as it gets, Ford gets points for not being totally clueless and for trying to reach out to minority consumers on their own terms. It's certainly come a long way from its founder's beliefs, at least.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

'American Idol' top 12 design Ford Fiestas for new sweepstakes

Posted on Wed Mar 17 2010


It's no secret that Ford Motor Co. has had a long-standing relationship with the Fox show American Idol. The automaker's sponsorship includes banner ads, TV commercials starring Idol contestants, and now a sweepstakes with a bunch of 2011 Ford Fiestas as the grand prize. According to Ford, each of the show's top 12 contestants got the opportunity to design his or her own customized 2011 Fiesta, using colors, body graphics and wheel treatments that reflect their personality. Talk about brand exposure! Ford's logo is everywhere you look on the Idol site. It seems the strategy is working, because if you asked me to name one brand that comes to mind in association with American Idol, I'd say Ford.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

'American Idol' finalists serenade Ford with Britney Spears song

Posted on Thu Apr 9 2009

American Idol contestants are required to do several things when they agree to appear on the show. Besides being good singers (well, in most cases), they have to appear in a car commercial each season. In the most recent push, the remaining eight contestants are shown doing magic tricks with Ford cars, while singing to the tune of Britney Spears' "Circus." In addition to making a car levitate, the "magicians" show off Ford's various models as they're revealed one after the other, like cardboard cutouts. While the commercial cleverly shows off Ford cars in under 59 seconds, I wonder why Britney was chosen as the inspiration. Maybe it's because times are tough, the auto industry is hurting, and Ford felt the need to step it up a notch. Or maybe because the combo of Idol contestants singing one of the hottest songs on the charts would automatically put the car marker in the "cool" category. I'm just glad the ad creators didn't make the guys wear skimpy outfits like those Britney wears in the "Circus" video.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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