DeVito/Verdi performs miracles for glasses chain For Eyes

By Todd Wasserman on Tue Aug 3 2010
The word "miracle" is somewhat loosely applied in this latest round of ads for glasses chain For Eyes. Is it a miracle, for instance, if your nagging wife's voice disappears when you put your specs on or if your boobs grow? The voiceover seems to think so: "Unless the glasses can perform miracles, don't pay more than you have to." Zing! That advice could be applied to a lot of things ("Unless your toilet paper performs miracles...") but these ads from DeVito/Verdi certainly get the point across and inject a little sarcastic common sense into a category known for advancing the idea that the right pair of glasses can make you look like George Clooney. Still, 1-800 Contacts' Overly Dramatic Dramatizations remains the one to beat in the segment.



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