Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout: a beer made for Eddie Murphy

Posted on Mon Jan 26 2009


Craft-beer aficionados get very excited about limited-time-only brews. It's only fitting, then, that the Foothills Brewing's Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout has them absolutely orgasmic.
  "For those that hate the 'hype' beers, this is one of those beers, so turn away!" shouts Foothills has invited fans to the beer's "Pre-Sex Friday" launch on Feb. 6. Those in attendance can be the first to get their hands on the $15 brew, of which only a few hundred of bottles are being produced.
  While BrandFreak isn't likely to make it to North Carolina (which seems to be the home of an inordinate amount of craft beers), we are giving the brewer points for its homage to this scene from Coming to America, one of Eddie Murphy's early movies—before it was all about the fat suit. Cheers.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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