'Are you injured enough for some football?' ask ads for the UFL

By Todd Wasserman on Tue Aug 31 2010

How cool is the United Football League? So cool that the two guys in this TV spot will beat each other silly just so they can have the privilege of watching the full season from hospital beds. At least, that's the premise behind new work for the UFL from BBDO. For the uninitiated, the UFL launched last year and is looking to establish a name in cities "underserved" by the NFL, including Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. In the ad, two idiotic men hit each other with a crowbar and a baseball bat, and the action, which opens with a signature from-the-car-trunk Tarantino shot, is surprisingly hard edged. (Also surprising: No warnings not to "try this at home.") The ultraviolence will no doubt get some attention for the league, at least from bloodthirsty types.



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