Whole Foods dabbles with food miles on Twitter

Posted on Wed Jul 15 2009

Imagine going into your local Whole Foods and after looking at the exorbitantly high price, seeing a second sign that listed how many miles the item had traveled to reach that particular store. That's the thinking behind "food miles," a concept that could be the next big thing in green marketing. Whole Foods appeared to be testing the waters a bit today by throwing out a discussion on Twitter. "What do y'all think about food miles?" Whole Foods asked after retweeting one Brad Pierce's assertion that "food miles is just a distracting marketing fad." Pierce also cited a report by the George Mason University's Mercatus Center on the subject (the main argument seems to be that transportation releases negligible greenhouse gases when compared to food production.) That led to a defense of food miles by a few Twitterers, but Whole Foods was quick to tamp down any potentially interesting argument, stating, "We did not mean to insinuate that we do not support the idea of "food miles,; we just wanted to hear y'all's opinions on the matter! :)" Whole Foods was quickly on to other subjects, including the idea that there's "no problem that pie doesn't fix."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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