Newly appreciated McD's ad seems to advocate killing your wife

Posted on Tue Jul 7 2009

Put a fish into a McDonald’s ad and wackiness will ensue. The fast feeder got kudos earlier this year for a strange ad with a singing, wall-mounted fish and now this 2006 McDonald's spot has been resurfacing via e-mail forwards and social networks. I received the spot in an e-mail that dubs it the "greatest McDonald's ad ever." Not sure if I agree wholeheartedly, but it’s better than most. The ad shows a fisherman about to be attacked by some kind of huge sea creature. But instead the creature snatches his McDonald's meal, leaving only a bite mark where the bag used to sit. The man gets a bright idea to invite his nagging wife to the next fishing trip and hands her a McDonald's meal, while he waits for the creature to strike again. The ad ends with the tagline, "Every time a good time," and the moral of the story becomes pretty clear: If you want to use your spouse as bait, buy McDonald's to lure the predator.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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