TV commercials giving you a headache? Help may be on the way

Posted on Tue Jun 16 2009


Finally, those fat cats in Washington do something about a real menace to America: loud television commercials. There's a measure approaching Congress now that would prevent ad volumes from exceeding the average decibel level of the TV show they're interrupting. Right now, ads can't be louder than the maximum decibel level of a given show, but there have been enough flaws in that ruling to merit a second look. I mean, Invader Zim probably shattered enough eardrums on its own, let alone the equally loud commercials surrounding it. Another factor to consider is the move to digital broadcasting, which allows a broader range of sound where pure volume would be less effective. And quieting down is a natural step in the evolution of the business when you consider how subtlety and consumer outreach now trump bellowed sales pitches. Plus, there might be some popular appeal here. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who introduced the bill a year ago, says that "people practically throw their arms around me when they hear about it." We don't blame them. This bill pretty much makes the Oxy Clean Guy illegal, after all.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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