Famous Footwear thinks kids love shoes as much as ice cream

Posted on Mon Aug 10 2009

As part of its "Make Today Famous" campaign, footwear retailer Famous Footwear has launched a microsite, MakeTodayUnexpected.com, which features a video, shown here, of school-aged children chasing an ice cream truck. Point is, searching for the perfect pair of shoes is a treat in and of itself, so the kids each get a pair of super-cool shoes once they've caught up with the truck. But back-to-school shoe shopping and delectable frozen treats? Somehow, we just don't see the two going together. Maybe it's because we used to walk with our Mommy 10 blocks up the street in the scorching heat to buy the one pair of shoes we could wear to class. (Hey, it was Catholic school. Rules are rules.)

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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