Method continues war against dirty via Web, social media

Posted on Fri Sep 4 2009

Method advocacy kit Facebook users who chanced upon Method’s fan page last month may have wondered why there was a call to sign up to become “a person against dirty” on its wall. The rite of initiation involved a sample kit, which you’d pass out to your family and friends, with hopes that they, too, would spread the word about Method’s eco-friendly cleaning philosophy. Method, though, closed off the giveaway in one hour (hey, freebies do not last, especially in a recession) as word of the promotion spread around (it is Facebook, after all). Consequently, only the first 100 got their foot in the door, adding to an exclusive base of 1,000 top advocates. Method said the Facebook promo stemmed from social media buzz around its earlier product sampling mailing, which was sent to its most avid fans. The kits, four in each box, contained four mini-sized samples of Method cleaning products, along with a dollar off coupon and a token of a free company T-shirt. Heck, had we known, we would’ve tried our luck! Who doesn’t want to be a “person against dirty?”

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Lots of drunk Facebook users pick Corona as their favorite beer

Posted on Fri Jun 19 2009

Finally, Corona has earned some street cred. Well, some Facebook cred. After a vote on the popular social site, Corona Extra has been crowned the favorite beer on Facebook. And it isn't bad. Despite its light color and bubbly aftertaste, Corona is a beer all can enjoy. As the frat boy graduates from Natty Light and Keystone and makes his way into the corporate world, he establishes a lifelong relationship with Corona. Whether at the beach, playing golf or shooting the breeze at a pub, Corona has got your back. Oh, Corona, with your light, golden color and lemon crescent cap, you are one heck of a beverage. I'd like to thank the 2.5 million Corona lovers out there who voted Corona to the top spot. It's about time!

—Posted by Allison Shafir

Find your baldness cure and city council member on Facebook

Posted on Mon Feb 9 2009


Considering Facebook's reach—150 million-plus users and counting—it's often surprising to see the weak level of ad support it garners. It's not uncommon, for instance, to spot headlines like "Anti-Aging Discovery" and "Stimulate Your Wallet" down the right column of your Facebook homepage. Now, there's a new ad out there, but instead of shilling work-at-home jobs or baldness cures, the advertiser is Maria Derr, a candidate for the New York City Council, 3rd District.
  "Forget Sarah Palin," reads the ad, which shows the youngish Derr with a Palin-esque brunette 'do. The ad goes on to outline her C.V. (she graduated from John Jay College and New York Law School and is a native of the Village) and her deep roots in the community. Derr, a big Obama supporter, is gunning for Christine Quinn's seat. (Quinn will be term-limited in December.) Here's her campaign Web site. Will Derr's social networking woo the voters of the district, which spans Hell's Kitchen to the West Village to Murray Hill? Perhaps. She already has 226 supporters, and she hasn't even revealed 25 things about herself yet.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Tell your friends they're worth one-tenth of a Whopper to you

Posted on Fri Jan 9 2009

BK-Facebook copy

Would you sacrifice a friend for a Whopper? Burger King hopes so. All you have to do is cut 10 friends from your Facebook list, and you get a coupon for a free Whopper. Your friend gets a message saying they've been "sacrificed." Swift. Brutal. Darwinian.
  Facebookers are into the idea. More than 55,000 friends have been unfriended so far, according to, and the number keeps rising. But wait—isn't the whole point of Facebook to grow your network of friends rather than offering them up to the Burger King god? And if your list is getting too long, wouldn't you rather cut someone quietly than proclaim to the world that they're worth less than a Whopper to you?
  Here's an easier way of paring down your list: Post one of those freaky "Wake up with the King" ads on your profile, and watch your friends unfriend themselves.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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