Evian's dancing babies revealed to be Eurotrash poseurs

Posted on Fri Jul 31 2009

Wiseass talking babies. They're all the rage these days on Madison Avenue. First we had those chatty E*Trade babies who sounded like world-weary 30 year-olds complaining about the economy and now those Evian dancing babies from Euro/RSCG are revealed to be Eurotrash poseurs. That's the conceit behind this "behind-the-scenes" look at the making of that spot (you know, the one your lonely female cousin forwarded to your wife the other day.) Baby Tom Morse's prep for the ad, for instance included "nine months of intensive tumbling" while Anna states in an accent somewhere east of Prague that "ever since I was a kid I have LOVED dancing." Best of all is Vince, the Kangol-sporting Asian baby with a deep admiration for hip-hop. As with the E*Trade spots, the synching of those unpredictable baby movements and adult voices still amuse, though I think after this, babies can go back to what they do best: Pooping and throwing fits.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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