E*Trade babies are back and are as world-weary as ever

By David Kiefaber on Mon Oct 25 2010

E*Trade's precocious CGI baby concept has reached its third year, and the TV spots just keep on coming. “Time Out” explores the limits of infant resourcefulness, while the two tykes in “Documentary” are more interested in the, ahem, circle of life than investing. I'm gonna leave that one alone. Either way, both ads, from Grey, New York,  seem more interested in the baby gimmick than E*Trade itself, and that preoccupation has gotten them into trouble before. Plus, the necessary disclaimer about having to be 18 to open an account runs counter to their logic, such as it is. Regardless, a lot of interactive E*Trade Baby stuff was rolled out back in March, and the company seems happy with the response. Their chief marketing officer told the press that “the babies that are featured in our campaign are incredibly popular and enabling users to interact with and personalize them is yet another way to engage our audience.” This is assuming, of course, that interaction with the promotional material carries over into increased use of the product or service it's promoting. Haven't seen any figures on that, but I do hear a lot of rumbling about E*Trade being a terrible company with funny ads. Probably not the reception they want.



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