Kraft Lunchables tricks kids into thinking they're seeing aliens

Posted on Fri May 7 2010

Sometimes I get the feeling that marketers try a little too hard to get their brands to stick in consumers' minds. But maybe that's not such a bad thing when its for a good cause. Take this commercial for Kraft's Lunachables, now airing in theaters nationwide. Actually, I'm tempted to call the three-minute spot, dubbed "Alien Field Trip," a short film because of its content and message. It shows children on a trip to a space museum being introduced to "real" aliens (the space kind—this isn't a John McCain re-election ad), and the awe, curiosity, and excitement the experience evokes. The kids interact with the mysterious creatures until it's revealed that they're actually not real aliens, and that this is a commercial for Lunchables. The point of the ad, created by agency The Escape Pod, Chicago, is to highlight the benefits of school fields trips and the positive effect they have on children. As part of the effort, Kraft is giving away 50 field trips to schools in need. It doesn't appear that real aliens will be involved, but the spot is sure to get the message across to moviegoers.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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