Coca-Cola's calorie-burning soda Enviga goes up in flames

Posted on Fri Feb 27 2009


In 2006, Coca-Cola debuted something of a miracle product called Enviga. The sparkling green tea's claim was that you drink three cans and burn an average of 106 calories. Pepsi was waiting in the wings with Tava, its own calorie-burning drink. But Enviga was quickly met with skepticism, and then a lawsuit from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Pepsi reacted by radically altering its plans for Tava. Enviga, meanwhile, set out to defend itself. It didn't work. The Boston Herald reports today that Coke and Nestlé (who partnered to create the drink) agreed to pay out a settlement of $650,000 to 27 states. It will also add disclaimers to the product, which is already on its way to extinction. Apparently, its weight-loss claims weren't the only thing no one bought.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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