Energy drinks are fine, but you could really use energy lip balm

Posted on Fri Aug 21 2009

As sales of energy drinks have started to become more sluggish, a number of other energy categories have popped up. Energy shots in smaller portions have been doing very well of late, and there's also been the launch of energy vodkas, energy candies and now even an energy lip balm. Burner Balm today announced the launch of Energy-X. The balm claims to be healthier because it has zero calories and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners like energy drinks or energy bars have. Energy-X also claims to be more effective than regular lip balms because it can be "absorbed faster into the bloodstream and starts working immediately," per the company. It makes one wonder how long it will be before Mandy Moore's favorite product, the Red Bull Energy Douche, hits the market. Moore and even have a tagline ready to go: "It gives your vagina wings." Red Bull could use some new innovation these days.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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