eHarmony hoping you enjoy its new ads more than the old ones

By David Kiefaber on Tue Aug 17 2010


Dating site eHarmony, known for making ads you love to hate, is celebrating 10 years of shady customer service and undercover evangelical Christianity with a new campaign themed "Love begins here." The work features pedicabs, a mosaic of eHarmony couple photographs on a billboard in Times Square and new TV ads from DonatWald+Haque, directed by Errol Morris. The ads mark a change in the company's creative direction, using interplay of music and cutesy images instead of more straightforward information about what eHarmony does. Lucas Donat says this is because "people don't want to be sold to anymore," but a more convincing reason is that they don't need to be sold to. People already know how online dating works. In fact, the stigma against online dating is pretty much gone since we've all figured out that dating sites aren't any more embarrassing than the bar scene. It took eHarmony some time to catch up to their users in this respect, but their ads should get a lot more interesting now. Check out two of the new spots after the jump.

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Lindsay Lohan looks on the bright side in spoof eHarmony spot

Posted on Tue Apr 14 2009

Recovering from her disastrous Fornarina ad, Lindsay Lohan has made what looks like an intentionally funny fake TV spot for eHarmony, the dating site. The Lohan video, hosted on, shows the troubled star engaging in some self-deprecatory humor. "I'm recently single ... I think," says Lohan, who was recently dumped by girlfriend Samantha Ronson in high-profile fashion, "and I'm looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with, or at least the rest of my probation with." Lohan then goes on to note that she has kept "90 percent of gossip Web sites" in business and that, contrary to reports, she's not broke, but in fact has $400 in the bank and 20,000 Marlboro Miles ("which I'm very proud of"). Lohan's ideal mate, she notes, likes long walks on the beach, car chases, antiquing and passing out in Cadillac Escalades. Why Lohan did this is a mystery, but then that's pretty much true of everything she does these days.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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