Stan Lee pops up in Deutsch's Dr Pepper promo for 'Iron Man 2'

Posted on Tue Apr 13 2010

Iron Man is one of the coolest superheroes of our time and returns to the big screen in the upcoming Iron Man 2. It's no wonder Dr Pepper jumped at the opportunity to create a cross-promotion for the movie, in theaters on May 7. In addition to touting Iron Man gadgets at, the brand is running this spot via agency Deutsch/LA. Marvel Comic fans will recognize Stan Lee in the role of a Stark Industries custodian. Meanwhile, another custodian gets daring and asks Tony Stark's computer program to suit him up. But instead of an iron suit, the man ends up in a hi-tech Dr Pepper vending machine. Pretty clever on Dr Pepper's part, since viewers don't know it's a commercial for the soft drink until the end. And a little humor goes a long way in making the ad (and the brand) memorable.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

'Secret formula' addicts rejoice as old Dr Pepper ledger is found

Posted on Mon May 4 2009


Dr Pepper's secret recipe for "Pepsin Bitters" has been revealed. A man named Bill Waters stumbled across it in an old ledger he purchased from an antique store in Texas for $200. Now, it is expected to sell for upwards of $75,000. Secret recipes have been a mainstay of brand marketing for generations. Colonel Sanders' chicken batter, the Big Mac's special sauce (Russian dressing?) and Coca-Cola's recipe have been touted as closely held secrets. Coke even lampooned this fact in its recent ads. It's not like chemists can't reverse-engineer the formula—that's how we got Mr. Pibb, which tastes remarkably like Dr Pepper's "secret formula," right? Still, we play along. A Dr Pepper rep tells the Associated Press only three employees know the soda's actual 23-flavor recipe and that it's nothing like the 1880s concoction found in the ledger. This shouldn't be too shocking, as the original formula called for mandrake root, sweet flag root and syrup. Also found in the tome were formulas for Dr Pepper's soft-drink siblings: piano polish and cough syrup.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Dr Pepper would rather chill with young gamers than old rockers

Posted on Mon Apr 20 2009


Dr Pepper had a rough time last year with that Guns N' Roses challenge. Well, forget all that, because a teenage guitar hero is a better bet than an over-the-hill rock star any day.
  Major League Gaming, the world's largest pro video-game league, might sound like a pimply dorkfest, but the five events on its 2009 circuit attract 15,000 competitors and fans, plus millions of online views. Three-day tourneys are organized in a bracketed system that involves Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 competitions. Dr Pepper sponsors the league and the top-rated team, Str8 Rippin. "Mainstream sports and entertainment is so cluttered. ... Consumers don't really care who's sponsoring their favorite teams," says Josh Levine, president of Rebel Industries, a Los Angeles-based marketing agency that helps Pepper reach young gamers. "Kids hang out in the booth for hours [and] are hugely supportive of sponsors that acknowledge the significance of competitive gaming."
  The Dr Pepper Gaming Lounge is populated by Dr Pepper Girls who serve sodas and pose for photos with fans. Str8 Rippin team members practice against other teams while fans watch from the sidelines or join in when there's an opening. Digital extensions include a Facebook page and text-to-win promotions. Str8 Rippin's star player is Tom "Tsquared" Taylor (shown here), who has a three-year, $250,000 contract and his image plastered on a collectible can. "Str8 Rippin are stars, and [kids] are excited to hang out with them and get beaten by them at Halo 3," says Levine, whose agency worked with local shop M-80 on the project. "We try to make the booth a lot of fun and not feel too corporate."

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp

You’re not going to believe this, Gene Simmons is shilling again

Posted on Fri Mar 27 2009

Gene Simmons who loves the spotlight more than any human being alive is at it again. Dr Pepper has hired the make-up wearing heavy metal icon to introduce its new Dr Pepper Cherry soda. (Wait isn’t regular Dr Pepper sort of cherry-flavored?) Anyway, the Kiss bassist is the latest “doctor” to appear in the brand’s ads. “Dr. Love” follows Dr. Frasier Crane and Dr. J in delivering the tagline “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” The strangely campy spot features Simmons in full monster make-up surrounded by the type of sexy women he has made a name for himself by bedding seven million times or something. Then, his son trots out onto the set like a director and tells him how to deliver his lines. The script calls for Gene telling us the carbonated drink is refreshingly smooth like it’s some sort of single malt scotch or something. Belch.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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