Discovery Channel promotes the imminent death of journalists

Posted on Mon Jul 20 2009

Shark week It's not every day that you receive a package that includes a newspaper clipping announcing your death. But an obituary is precisely what I received earlier this month along with a shark's tooth, a keychain that read "Discovery marina. SW09" and a pair of torn, blood covered bathing trunks. The news article read: "Kenneth Hein distinguished editor was killed Monday, July 6th of a Shark Attack at Jones Beach." These contents came enclosed in a crud-covered jar with a rusty lid. A hand-written note directed me to The site shows a video of a shark attack and a promise that all would be revealed today (July 20). And it was. The package was part of an extensive, well-financed guerilla stunt for "Shark Week," compliments of the Discovery Channel. I applaud the elaborate effort (notably the jar which was so gnarly looking, someone asked me to throw it out) because journalists gets tons of goofy swag, but very little of it grabs our attention. However, I can't help but wonder if this whole campaign was rooted in the public relations team's deep subconscious. Because I know for damn sure there have been plenty of times PR folks have wished a painful death on those in the journalism field.   

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

'Deadliest Catch' creates its equivalent of a Star Trek convention

Posted on Fri Mar 20 2009

Deadliest catch

Yes, Wolverine is a bad ass. But he exists only in the pages of comic books and on the silver screen. Captains Sig Hansen, Phil Harris, Keith Colburn and Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand are real-life bad asses, as they have proven time and again on the Discovery Channel's show Deadliest Catch. Much like Comic-Con fans who worship at the altar of their favorite characters, Deadliest Catch fans can now get a glimpse of their heroes at the first ever Catch-Con. On April 25, the Northwestern and Wizard vessels will drop anchor in Seattle and allow fans of the show, which portrays extreme lives of Alaskan crab fishermen, to meet the captains and walk the decks of the ships. No word on whether attendees will be splashed with stinging cold salt water and then thrown overboard to their deaths.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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