Burger King prepares to sponsor search error messages on Digg

Posted on Wed Mar 24 2010


Call it "404 Marketing." Burger King is launching a campaign on Digg in which failed searches on the network will produce an error message promoting the fast feeder. For instance, if a user types in a nonsense word like "byrwe," a message will read, "No results for 'byrwe' were found. Looks like your search had a typo. Blame it on your tiny hands. The beefy $1 Burger King Double Cheeseburger gives tiny hands some trouble, too." The message then provides a hypertext link to see examples of that "trouble." (The campaign is expected to go live later this week. It was also up briefly last week.) BK isn't the first advertiser to sponsor error messages. Similar things have been done with actual 404 "This page cannot be found" error messages in Singapore and Brazil, and probably elsewhere. Are there any unexplored frontiers of Web advertising? Don't say captchas. Seth Godin has thought of that.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

People don't Digg garish online ads, they Digg sneering at them

Posted on Tue Nov 10 2009


It's a cautionary tale for marketers: You live by the Digg, you die by the Digg. It all started when the news-aggregation site launched a page-takeover ad for Dragon Age: Origins, a role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. But things turned sour when a Digg user named  Borez put up a visual of the ad with the headline, "Who on Digg hates this?" As of this morning, more than 9,500 people have Dugg the post, meaning that yes, Electronic Arts, they hate you, they really hate you. If the company has any doubts, it should check out the page of comments, one of which includes a helpful link to remove the hated ad. Another, however, notes that any publicity is good publicity, and "I bet they are going to put that image in the background when this story hits the front page."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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