Dentyne's campaign starts a Luddite youth movement, maybe

Posted on Tue Jul 14 2009

Dentyne-advertisement That campaign from Dentyne telling Gen Yers to get off their computers and get out in the real world may be one of the most successful campaigns of all time, if recent reports are to be believed. OK, the ads didn’t run in Australia, but according to the newspaper The Australian, 16-30 year-olds are logging off of Facebook in favor of face-to-face encounters, like the ones Dentyne promotes in its McCann-Erickson-created ads (which urge youngsters to “make face time.”) According to that story, teens are even showing an interest in vinyl records! What next, knitting? Lest you think this is merely an Australian phenomenon, like vegemite, the idea seems to be catching on in Belgium as well, where, according to the Miami Ad School's blog, Coca-Cola closed down its site for the summer, with a note explaining that the makers of the site are off to the beach. (Well, that may have been the case yesterday, but as of today, Belgian Coke seems to be up and running.) Unfortunately, Australian Gen Yers and Belgian Coke workers seem to be in the minority. After all, you’re reading this online and I’m writing it.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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