Toyota launches Obama-esque effort with Obama-esque tagline

Posted on Thu Jan 22 2009

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Barack Obama says, "Yes, we can." To which Toyota adds: "Why not?" The Japanese automaker has a whole new microsite built around the question, and is asking visitors to submit ideas for innovations in six key areas: safety, water, land, air, community and energy. The person who comes up with the best idea gets a weeklong trip to a Toyota plant in Kentucky (wait, that's really the prize?) and the chance to meet with "top innovators" in New York. The deadline for the light bulb to go off in your particular head is March 31.
  One post on the site reads: "We have lots of plants in the house—and all around it. Plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. You can never have too many plants." This person will not win, but you get the idea.
  Steve Sturm, group vice president of Toyota Motor North America, says the goal of the campaign, by Dentsu America, is to "[give] us an opportunity to keep visitors informed about our progress in key areas while connecting the ideas of like-minded individuals. Some visitors will submit an idea, and others will incorporate a few tips into their own lives, but all will leave the site inspired."

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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