Mother plays matchmaker in Dell's new 'Rendezvous' Streak spot

By David Kiefaber on Fri Nov 5 2010

Ad agency Mother did this spot for Dell's new Streak tablet, and it has the same yuppie social-media focus that just about every competing product does. That said, it's also the first new Dell ad I've seen in a while—part of a global rebranding in the wake of the whole Enfatico disaster. "We wanted to show that our technology enables something important—relationships—and forge an emotional connection with viewers," says Liz Matthews, Dell's global consumer brand director. The "meet cute" plot line is pleasantly inoffensive, though it's not totally clear why you'd need a device that's halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. Maybe they need a snappy tagline. How about "Dude, you're getting a Streak"?

Buy a Dell laptop today, or at least apply to work in their factory

Posted on Mon Jun 22 2009

Dell laptops aren't made by a largely indifferent workforce in Taiwan or South Korea, but in a happy U.S. factory where the singing never stops. At least, that's the conceit in this new ad from Mother, New York, which features jolly workers singing the 1958 Chordettes hit "Lollipop" as the Wonka-esque factory cuts colorful laptops out of a gum-like substance that has been stamped by an elephant's foot. The idea is to highlight the candy-colored nature PCs made by a company known for clinging to beige way too long. Dell has pointed out the array of laptop colors before in ads, which seemed a (way) belated response to Apple's 1998 "Bondi Blue" iMacs. But there's no denying this ad is playing to Dell's strength—its wholesome image. Lord knows former Dell CMO Mark Jarvis tried to make Dell edgy, but that's hard to do when your CEO looks like Peter Brady.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Dell stumbles on a great ad strategy: catchy, annoying repetition

Posted on Tue May 5 2009

When you compete against Apple, there's always a risk of appearing uncool. Dell has battled that perception for years, and there is no love lost between Michael Dell and Apple's Steve Jobs. But this Brazilian ad might put the Round Rock, Texas, company on the road to being cool. A catchy/annoying dance track from the Brazilian group Creu repeats the word "Dell" over and over, as images of the company's various desktop and laptop PCs flash past. Hitching Dell's wagon to Creu seems to be working. As one YouTube commentor noted (in Portuguese and translated by the Promt free online translator and dictionary): "Listen to the music of Creu now and see if you won't remember Dell." Come on, sing it with me: "Dell, Dell, Dell..."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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