Degree Natureffects targeted at women who adore purty flowers

Posted on Fri Apr 9 2010


Some chicks sweat, and some perspire. I figure the new ads for Degree Natureffects are aimed at the latter. There's a lot of talk, after all, about cranberry and orange flower and matching body mists. Very ladylike. The new product, from Degree Women, "celebrates women and hopes to help them release their 'outdoorphins,' " says the marketer, adding another piece of ad-speak to the already jam-packed marketing lexicon. The outdoor campaign, in cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington, came from the marketer's research that shows the closer a person lives to nature, the healthier she's likely to be, and that a touch of nature improves a woman's mood throughout the day. The study also found that 86 percent of women said they're more productive if they eat their lunch outside. (There were no stats to tell how many ditched the rest of the day.) The ads, from indie ad and marketing agency Walton/Isaacson, do spruce up some plain-Jane billboard and bus-shelter spaces with girly flowers, botanicals and foliage. See a larger image here. Plastic? Who cares? They're purty. Look for them to brighten up some dank transportation hubs, and let's hope the smell-o-vision version is coming up next. Mmmmm, honeysuckle!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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