London shop Curb advances environmentally friendly marketing

Posted on Thu Apr 30 2009


When it comes to advertising, you can't get much greener than this: A London firm called Curb uses all-natural settings and materials as its canvas for marketing messages. That means crop ads, mow ads, rake ads, compost art, solar art, snow tagging, sand carving and field ads, among other techniques. The shop has lined up some big-name clients, including Budweiser, Kia and Nike. Curb's latest innovation is "sea tagging," which uses sea water to stencil and create temporary ads on the sidewalk. (Sea water evaporates more slowly than regular water does.) Curb recently sea tagged images of turtles to advertise the London Sea-Life Aquarium. Would something like this work in the U.S.? Well, Snapple already kind of tried it in 2005, when it tried to erect the world's tallest popsicle in New York's Times Square. That didn't work out so well.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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