Grill flames lose their minds as El Pollo Loco adds meat to menu

Posted on Tue Jan 19 2010

Fast-food chain El Pollo Loco has done more with its new ad campaign than just introduce steak to a menu that's featured only chicken for 30 years. The California-based restaurant has given us a Bumblebee Man for a new decade in the form of a dancing guy dressed like a red-hot flame mackin' on some carne asada. There are a lot of flamers (in the literal sense) in this Spanish-language spot, launching today from Cruz/Kravetz: Ideas in L.A. But I'll go ahead and predict who the breakout star will be. I see a variety show on Telemundo in his future, sponsored, of course, by the "crazy chicken" chain. The campaign touts the brand's long-time position—that its flame grilling makes for better tasting and healthier quick food. To hammer the point, there's a figure entirely engulfed in flames in the English-language spot, from Krueger Communications in L.A., but I think his/her crossover potential is limited. Stunt work, maybe.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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