Cruzan rum working its heritage to the hilt in latest ad campaign

Posted on Thu Aug 13 2009


Cruzan rum may have struck the ultimate formula for its new ad campaign. It manages tout its heritage, a Caribbean island and Ernest Hemingway all in one fell swoop. The rum brand, which has been made in St. Croix since 1760, covers all those bases in new out-of-home ads in its key U.S. markets. One execution in the "Legendary rum of St. Croix" campaign, by ad agency Fallon, shows a stone-faced Caribbean bartender below ad copy that reads, "Still served bars where Hemingway drank." The ads feature no actors or sets, just proud Crucians "in their everyday lives," per a press release. The Cruzan campaign works because such heritage is hard to come by in the hyper-competitive spirits category. Plus, rum drinkers like Jimmy Buffett always want to fly to St. somewhere. And evoking the spirit of Papa never hurts. After all, when they remodeled his favorite bar, Sloppy Joe's in Key West, he asked the owner for the urinal, which he placed in his backyard for his famous six-toed cats to drink from. Why did he want a urinal from a bar? Because, as the story goes, he rationalized that "that's where I pissed all my money away anyway."

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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