Crazy Eddie stores are coming back. What about the crazy ads?

Posted on Thu Apr 16 2009

Those who grew up in the New York area in the 1970s and 1980s will no doubt get a nostalgic twinkle upon hearing the news that Crazy Eddie, the guy whose prices are so low he's practically giving it away, is coming back. Thanks to a firm called Magic Investments, the Crazy Eddie consumer-electronics chain is on the comeback trail, with plans to open as many as 50 retail stores next year. It's unclear whether the chain will resurrect its memorable TV ads, which featured actor/DJ Jerry Carroll. The ads gave new meaning to the term "kinetic," as Carroll yelled rapidly at the camera about "crazy" stunts like Christmas in August. At their peak, the ads were even parodied on Saturday Night Live (with Dan Aykroyd playing the crazy pitchman). The ads also seem to have an avid following on YouTube. While Magic's business plan sounds a little shaky, not bringing back those ads in some form would be insane.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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