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By Elaine Wong on Tue Jul 13 2010


Ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has released the third edition of its Cultural Dictionary, the modern adman's guide to the latest buzzwords in the advertising industry. Drop these words at any social gatheriong, and you're sure to be voted the coolest among all partygoers. Last year's edition had us giggling with words like Spitzer'd ("Getting caught for doing hypocritical actions") and Twitterrhea ("Waaaaay too much Twitter"), but this year's additions might be even better. There's oilpocalypse, appholes, Gagalicious and tweeva, to give you a sampling. The agency compiles new terms based on "online, offline, overheard conversations and our own employees," writes a C-K rep. It's a nice mix of new marketing slang along with funny pokes at the some of the biggest trending topics in the news lately (e.g., BP and it's never-ending oil spill).

AirTran now offering in-flight Internet, but please use it properly

Posted on Mon Jul 27 2009

This one gave us a good laugh. Earlier this month, AirTran Airways became the first major airline to offer wi-fi service on all flights. Now, it's running Web spots from Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago (the same folks who compiled that quirky Cultural Dictionary of modern-day lingo) to educate passengers on the do's and don'ts of "Internetiquette." One spot features four co-workers e-mailing each other about a meeting that takes place in the airplane's bathroom. (One guy even takes a tray of bagels with him.) Another spot, shown here, has a man falling asleep while letting his personal photo album play as a public slideshow. AirTran has tapped Peter Graves—the star of Airplane! and thus the pre-eminent expert in airline travel—to voice these humorous, yet courtesy-minded spots.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

If you're not already stuffed full of buzzwords, here's a few more

Posted on Wed Jun 10 2009


Ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has compiled the 2009 version of its Cultural Dictionary. Now in its second edition, this slim, 34-page, pocket-sized book contains important buzzwords that should be part of any self-respecting (though somewhat nerdy) ad person's lexicon. Highlights include: "Baling Out" (unleashing a "five-minute f-bomb-laden tirade," à la Christian Bale on the Terminator 4 set); "Spitzer'd" ("Getting caught for doing hypocritical actions"); "Digi-necker" ("A driver who, when passing a road accident, whips out their mobile and takes a picture"); "Sheeple" ("Submissive citizens"); "Land it like Sully" ("To prevent a disaster by finding an unusual solution to your problem"); "Frugalista" ("A person who is frugal but fashionable"); "Stress puppy" ("A person who thrives on being stressed-out and whiny"); and "Twitterrhea" ("Waaaaay too much Twitter"). But skimming through terms like "Hate-cation" and "Econnoisseur," we notice one's missing. "Bing!" That one came too late. Next year, maybe.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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