Craigslist turning eccentric listings into episodes of Craigslist TV

By David Kiefaber on Tue Oct 12 2010

Some may think Craigslist is skirting catastrophe with its online TV program, in which it creates little video episodes based on curious listings. But those critics forget there's more to Craigslist than bizarre sexual encounters (particularly since the site closed its adults-only section last month). In fact, some of their other transactions are even weirder, like the woman who held an audition for everyone who wanted the accordion she was giving away. But that's still a benign and wholesome (and marketable) kind of weird, which Craigslist should have capitalized on from the start to combat the sketchy reputation it's developed over the years. In fact, Craigslist TV seems less of an effort to attract new users than an attempt to keep existing ones from running away. However, it also doesn't feel like a conscious marketing effort—it feels like a natural extension of the brand. So much weird crap goes down in their listings that the video content writes itself. Whatever the goal kis, it's a neat idea in the same voyeuristic vein as People of Walmart, so I hope it catches on. Considering how much abuse the Craigslist community takes from outsiders, it's about time they got in on the joke. Via Kottke.



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