Coupons: the least humiliating way to save money at the store

Posted on Tue Aug 4 2009

Oh my gosh, people, is it really all that bad? In its first foray into mass TV advertising, is launching a series of LOL commercials aimed at getting budget-conscious consumers' attention. (Except, do you really have to go that far?) Case in point: the ad shown here, in which a woman wolfs down a sample tray of cheese snacks as soon as the coast is clear. Two more ads are due shortly: One will feature a man lathering his hair with shampoo and conditioner in a store until disturbed by a freaked-out consumer; the other will show a lady grabbing a can of shaving cream and a razor off a store's shelves and starting to shave her legs. The ads were created in-house and directed by Jason Zada of Tool of North America. I'm tempted to go down to Kmart, take some Dawn dish detergent and start cleaning my pots and pans.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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