Cosmedicine offers big bucks for your spoof beauty commercial

Posted on Wed Sep 23 2009

Beauty brand Cosmedicine (which bills itself—no duh—as a combination of cosmetics and medicine) has launched a video contest where consumers are asked to vent about the beauty industry's outrageous claims. The "Protest Beauty B.S." competition has a $5,000 cash prize, with the winner selected from among 11 top "vote getters" on YouTube. (Can we get a spa treatment with that money?) The submissions so far include a spoof of a U.K. "pore-evaporating" liquid concealer spot ("I tried this makeup last week, and it burned my skin. It'll get rid of your pores all right, and replace them with third-degree burns") and the top-rated video so far, shown here, for a product called Rosyline. It makes fun of acne creams, with two girls singing the praises of the "micro-scrubbing Photoshop cells which completely blur up all your pores and acne, stopping breakouts. Heck, if the one girl had used it earlier, she might've prevented her dog from getting run over. (The poor critter dashed into the street after seeing her pimply face.) "The reason I know it was my acne was the people who ran over my dog thought I was the one who got run over," she adds.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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