GM suggesting you fly the rocket-like 2011 Corvette to the moon

By David Kiefaber on Wed Jul 14 2010

General Motors broke this new spot for the 2011 Corvette on TV last night—the nameplate's first TV advertising in some five years. Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the ad modestly compares the vehicle to a rocket ship. One probably costs as much as the other nowadays, so at least they have that much in common. Also, GM has announced that anyone who buys a Corvette Z06 or ZR1 has the option of building their own engine for it, something GM calls the "Engine Build Experience." Autoguide pegs this offer, and the spot, as an upscaling of the Corvette brand, but I think it's just the opposite—both promotional ideas are, with varying degrees of subtlety, nostalgic nods to America's once-great manufacturing sector. If anything, they're trying to make their expensive yuppie sports car more approachable for working-class people. The Engine Build Experience also outsources some of the labor to the consumer, something that many brands love to do, but since there are plenty of gearheads around who like working on cars, it's not as manipulative as it seems. In any case, GM is definitely trying to get across that all four of Corvette's tires are firmly on the ground.



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