The global compliance and ethics company wants you arrested

Posted on Tue Mar 10 2009


Creepy is all we have to say about this new viral campaign from Corpedia, a global compliance and ethics company. To generate buzz for the brand using low-cost tactics, the company created a customizable fake news video that you can send to friends which implicates them in an ethics scandal. How timely! This is what happens, the video suggests, when you live in a "world without Corpedia." (For the record, no, I wasn't ever arrested for porn violations.)
  A few companies have done the fake-news-video viral thing. Showtime famously created a controversial video for Dexter that made it seem like the recipient was being stalked by a serial killer. Disney went the other direction (obviously), with a video imagining you being feted with your very own official day at one of its theme parks. Corpedia's effort is nice and dark. Who knew a global compliance and ethics company could have a sense of humor?

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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