Converse kicks out the jams for summer. Shame about the song

By David Kiefaber on Tue Jul 20 2010

Converse sneakers are like Faygo soda—they're cheaper than a lot of their competitors, they come in all sorts of crazy colors, and they do horrible things to your body past a certain age. But since Chuck Taylors have become the official shoe of teenagers, Converse's marketing has shifted to appeal to them. Case in point is this music video for Kid Cudi's "All Summer," which mentions Chucks in the lyrics and has a laid-back vibe common to summertime radio jams until the rockier chorus kicks in. Sure, it's a boring song (worth the price at, where you can download it for free), and the video looks like Carnival relocated to Greenwich Village. But Converse has used music to reach out to teenage buyers before. I still have one of their All-Star CD compilations around my apartment somewhere. The tracklist was full of industry misfires like MxPx and Monster Magnet, so Converse's taste has always run towards fads. But its chief priority isn't nurturing musical genius, it's selling shoes, so that's understandable. I just wonder how long it's going to take before they attach themselves to a good song, is all. They should take a hint from Vans, which got the Circle Jerks and, unofficially, the Suicide Machines to literally sing their praises.



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