Japan's Domo locks his sawtooth jaws around 7-Eleven Slurpee

Posted on Thu Oct 1 2009

Domo hot. Domo need refreshment. Domo down Slurpee in one gulp, resulting in the familiar (and patented) Brainfreeze! The fuzzy brown Japanese icon, star of many an Internet meme, kicks off a partnership today with convenience-store chain 7-Eleven with a webisode about his first Slurpee experience. It's a cliffhanger! Two more clips are on the way. The retailer has gone all out, blockbuster-movie-style, for this fall promotion, creating collector cups and character straws, a "Fuji Frost by Fanta" limited-time Slurpee flavor, themed coffee cups and hot-dog containers and a "Domo Attack!" energy drink. In-store signs tell customers to "Obey the Domo," and displays will hawk Domo DVDs, comic books, mini action figures, branded gift cards and other merch. The deal, between 7-Eleven and marketing and licensing firm Big Tent Entertainment, is the latest step in Domo's incursion into the U.S. market after a hit Target alliance last Halloween. Expect to see more of the small but mighty character. Domo really hot!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Hollywood-obsessed 7-Eleven preps for role in 'Terminator' flick

Posted on Mon May 4 2009


Maybe it's time for 7-Eleven to get a SAG card. The convenience-store chain will become even more ubiquitous this summer, this time on the big screen. It will get valuable face time in the much-anticipated sci-fi action flick Terminator Salvation, with members of the Resistance taking refuge in a worse-for-wear version of the retailer (shown above). A big battle scene happens with the store's sign clearly visible in the background. And it's not just a cameo. The marketer is extending its on-screen exposure by promoting the Warner Bros. release with an Apocalyptic-Ice-flavored Slurpee, 3-D collectible cups, character straws, an online sweepstakes and licensed swag.
  The chain also appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with The Blob taking a swig from a Slurpee in a key fight scene. (There was an accompanying monthlong in-store promotion with that, too, continuing the savvy marketer's cozy relationship with Hollywood). And that may not be the end. A company exec hints there are more feature-film roles to come. Now, what the studios will want to know: Work for scale?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

7-Eleven among the advertisers salivating over new 'X-Men' film

Posted on Tue Mar 31 2009


The Blob can't just count on his thick hide to save him from Wolverine's razor-sharp claws. He needs liquid fortification ... from a giant Slurpee? It's a winking bit of product placement that fans will see in the upcoming summer tentpole X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with the villain chugging the popular 7-Eleven drink during a key scene. (He gets his blubbery butt kicked anyway). 
  The convenience-store chain will be an X-Men headquarters of sorts, with a new "mutant berry" Slurpee flavor, collectible Big Gulp cups and straws featuring the Marvel superheroes, an X-Treme Energy Cappuccino with Red Bull amounts of caffeine, and a stainless-steel mug with Wolverine's trademark slashes. The deal to hype the flick's May 1 release is part of a studio effort "to look at the property in a different way and challenge partners to do something unique that we haven't seen in the previous incarnations," says Rita Drucker, Fox's senior vp of feature film promotions. Wolverine is the fourth installment in the $1 billion-plus-grossing action-movie franchise.
  Other marketers jumping on the superhero bandwagon: Papa John's is offering a themed value meal and a coupon for the first three X-Men movies on Blu-Ray; the milk-moustache "Got milk?" campaign is using Wolverine as a strong-bones spokesman; and Schick Quattro Titanium trimmers and shavers are advertising him as an example of someone desperately in need of its products (he's a hairy dude!). Let the summer blockbuster season, and the brand tie-ins that love it, begin.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

7-Eleven celebrates that most terrible pain known as brain freeze

Posted on Thu Mar 19 2009

Brain freeze laboratory

We all know what "brain freeze" feels like. It's that moment when you realize you chugged your Slurpee way too fast and then the dull ache grips your head for a good 30 seconds. During that time, you vow never drink anything that cold that fast ever again, until you forget and do it again about a minute later. 7-Eleven is attempting to illustrate this common experience at The Slurpee Brainfreeze Laboratory. You can upload your photo and then abuse yourself with any of three Fanta-flavored Slurpees. Each distorts your face, using Oddcats PhotoFace technology, as the freeze takes hold. The site is sort of fun, but seemed painfully slow to load, which is a whole different type of torture.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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