The Cramps and Clique Girlz: two tastes that don't go together

Posted on Tue Feb 24 2009


This week's award for Most Ironic and Irrelevant Ad Placement goes to MySpace's ad server for attaching a promo for teenybopper group The Clique Girlz to a bulletin about the recent unexpected death of punk icon Lux Interior, 60, singer of the Cramps.
  The bulletin included information from the band's bass player and Interior's wife, Poison Ivy, along with a note about donations and the funeral arrangements. The Cramps combined rockabilly, rhythm and blues, surf, garage and a host of authentic musical genres to maximum effect. Their theatrical horror-movie appearances made for many Halloween concert memories and inspired many a small-town misfit. The Clique Girlz, meanwhile, are three blonde Stepford teens of the damned who finish each others' sentences to a migraine-inducing dance beat. They also shill for Topps' Baby Bottle Pop, a two-part dipping candy that involves a nipple-shaped lollipop top that one is encouraged to suck and dip into a bottle-shaped container filled with fruit-flavored powder.
  Lux had a wicked sense of humor and would probably find the juxtaposition hilarious. But you'd better duck when I show up, MySpace ad server. Goo Goo Muck! (Google it, Girlz.)

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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