Wild app competition brewing between Caribou Coffee and Starbucks

Posted on Fri Jul 10 2009

Caribou Coffee The coffee competition has gone digital. Caribou Coffee recently launched a Facebook application called "Wild It Up," in which users can stamp images of hats, tattoos, muscles and more on their Facebook photos. When the new crazy picture is complete, it can be saved, printed out and used as a coupon for a free Wild Cooler drink. This application is a rival for that of Starbucks, where users check in at the top of every hour for a chance to win a free pint of the company's new ice cream. Although the "Wild It Up" application is certainly more fun (I quite enjoyed adding a police hat and Gene Simmons tongue to a picture of myself and a friend), Starbucks has brilliantly designed their application to feed on people's obsessions. Only 800 users can win a free pint every hour, which brings the losers, or greedy winners, back to the application's homepage again and again — whether they really want that ice cream or just hate to fail.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz

Brands look back fondly on the last worldwide economic horror

Posted on Mon Jan 12 2009

Klugerecard copy

How many times have you heard the current economic crisis compared to the Great Depression? (Answer: Too many.) But while pundits have been busy revisiting the penultimate period of American misery for talk-show material, brands have been doing the same—to sell stuff. Don't look now, but the Great Depression is ... kinda cool.
  Just in time for the holidays, Forever 21 stocked its stores with enough 1930s-era duds to outfit a bread line, including cloche hats, Mary Jane shoes and wool newsboy caps. Designer John Patrick's spring 2009 collection includes Dust Bowl faves like cotton-check prairie dresses. Netflix has seen a spike in rentals of The Grapes of Wrath, while Barnes & Noble has similarly selling more copies of John Kenneth Galbraith's The Great Crash of 1929.
  This month, Andrew Shaffer, owner and creative director of greeting-card company St. Nick, added Depression-themed Valentines to his already sardonic selection. One uses a 1930s photo of some down-on-their-luck guys along with the caption: "Box of chocolates? She'll be lucky to get a box of rocks from me this year."
  What's next? Perhaps some brand of No. 2 pencil could start selling them on street corners.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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