One small step for man, one giant leap for Moon Publicity

Posted on Mon Jul 20 2009

Moon-landing- The expression "out of this world" could literally be used to describe advertisements in the near future. That's according to a company called Moon Publicity, which claims to have invented shadow shaping technology that can create images on the Moon. Founded by engineer and entrepreneur  David Kent Jones, Moon Publicity hopes to use robots to create ridges in lunar dust and shape the shadows formed as a result into logos, domain names and even memorials. The company's pitch to marketers? "Twelve billion eyeballs looking at your logo in the sky for several days every month," per a press release. Moon Publicity is making the moon-imaging technology publicly available for licensing in hopes of attracting marketers that will buy into the idea. Ads are already prominent in our everyday lives—from TV to billboards to mobile devices. Assuming moon-imaging will become a reality, just imagine: Every time you look up at the sky, you'll be reminded to buy laundry detergent or to switch your car insurance.

— By Elena Malykhina

What's the name of the airline whose plane landed in the river?

Posted on Fri Jan 16 2009

Us-airways copy

Is it USAir or US Airways?
  The full name of the airline behind flight 1549 is US Airways, but that hasn't stopped a few from referring to the brand as USAir. What's the difference? USAir, created in 1979 by the Airline Deregulation Act, was the carrier that gobbled up several others in the 1980s, including Piedmont Airlines and Pacific Southwest (not to be confused with Southwest Airlines). In 1996, the company changed its name from USAir to US Airways (note the new space between the S and the A).
  It's not surprising that consumers over, say, 30, still think of the airline as USAir. (If you type in the URL, it sends you to Is the shortened name a sore point with the company? Perhaps. Asked if the company minded being called USAir, a rep from Moses Anshell, the airline's Phoenix-based ad agency, replied: "Just call them US Airways."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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