Commodore returns, but can it beat its cheesy old commercials?

By Todd Wasserman on Fri Sep 17 2010

Gen X nerds rejoiced yesterday at the news that the 1980s PC brand Commodore is making a comeback. Apparently, Barry Altman, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., entrepreneur, thinks the brand can survive in the iPad age. Altman gave no clues about the marketing (Korey Kay & Partners is doing ad chores), but he might consider using this 1982 ad from Kornhauser & Calene as a blueprint. Here, a pre-Priceline William Shatner is beamed in to hype the "wonder computer of the 1980s" as a viable alternative to Atari (you youngsters might want to Google that name). "Unlike games, it has a real computer keyboard," Shatner says. Best of all, the price was less than $300, a feat that the PC industry still can't match. Another spot took on Apple—not a bad idea in this day and age, either.



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