Superman and his vintage comic save a family from foreclosure

By T.L. Stanley on Tue Aug 10 2010


Superman isn't known for responding to financial emergencies (he's more of a preventing-world-destruction kind of guy), but he apparently saved a Southern family from foreclosure. The strapped family, packing up to move from the home they'd lived in since the '50s, stumbled on a copy of Action Comics No. 1, which features the first appearance of Superman. According to, where the comic will be auctioned later this month, the issue could be worth upwards of $250,000. (Another copy of Action Comics No. 1 sold on the site recently for $1.5 million.) Family members asked to remain anonymous but gave the comics site permission to tell their story, says ABC News. The 1938 literary gem, found in the basement, was among a handful of vintage comics that look likely to bail the family out of its desperate situation. (It sold for 10 cents when it was new.) Seeing that Superman had a hand in this rescue, can he get busy on the unemployment rate next?



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