Charlotte, N.C., tops America's Manliest Cities survey by Combos

Posted on Mon Jun 28 2010


This was a pretty well kept secret, but according to Combos, the salty snacks made by Mars, Los Angeles is wussyville. Must be all the Pinkberry fro-yo shops we have here. In the brand's second annual America's Manliest Cities survey, Charlotte, N.C., ranked at the top on the testosterone-laden scale, while L.A., Miami and Portland, Ore., dragged up the rear. (Charlotte had an inside line on this, if you ask me, because it's home to Nascar, for which Combos has been "the official cheese-filled snack" since 2002.) The study judged 50 U.S. cities on criteria like how many pickup trucks and motorcycles they have per capita, the availability of steak houses, pro athletics and home improvement stores and, of course, Combos consumption. They're also rated by their manly occupations—lots of firefighters, cops and mechanics push the numbers higher—and manly leisure activities. (L.A. probably lost points for all its non-manly mani pedis.) Oklahoma City, for the second year in a row, led the study in its salty-snack sales, driving up the city's ranking (and, no doubt, its blood pressure). New York only got to No. 35, while Midwestern cities like Chicago and Kansas are near the top. (Could it be all that barbecue?) The Combos brand launched a Zone Sweet Home sweepstakes along with the research, offering guys a manly home theater, gaming systems and other gadgets.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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