Colgate's Wisp does a whole lot more than just brush your teeth

Posted on Tue Sep 15 2009

Colgate's Wisp may not be catching on with consumers, but according to this spoof ShamWow-style infomercial, there are many other uses for the single-use mini toothbrush that you're not aware of. The ad, created by Big Fuel, opens with the presenter announcing: "Buckle up, 'cause your mouth is about to go on a roller-coaster ride to Planet Fun." He then showcases outrageous uses for the Wisp, including carving a watermelon, using it as a spatula to flip pancakes when your "doll babies are finished wolfing those down," scrubbing plates, pointing at tiny presentations at work, and combing your mustache. You know it's a spoof when the presenter throws in a free trip around the world with an order of Wisp, and the ad lists benefits like: "crazy fresh breath, no spitting, no water, and kill a small vampire." Hey, even in comedy there's a dose of truth. I'm sure Colgate wouldn't mind if Wisps were used as spatulas or mustache combs if it helped the product's sales.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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