Coleman brings camping into the 21st century with iPhone apps

Posted on Tue Jun 2 2009


The sun is setting, the mosquitoes are swarming, and the marshmallows are roasting. Must be a summer camping trip. Which, according to Coleman, is infinitely more immersive with the new iPhone app called Creepy Campfire Tales. No doubt destined to save a lot of tech-savvy but imagination-challenged fathers and Scout leaders everywhere, the free app features more than a dozen scary stories like "The Outhouse of Terror" (you mean there's only one?), "The Papier Mache Man" and "The Krazy Klown Brigade" (horrifying in concept, even if there are no John Wayne Gacy references). The stories come complete with spooky sound effects, in case Dad can't furnish his own. So far, it's registered 12,000 downloads, making it the 14th-most-popular app in the book category. Either a lot of people are choosing cheap back-to-nature vacations or the app is all the rage at urban sleepovers, or maybe both. Via Coleman's new relationship with ad agency Doner, there's also a free app of the iconic Coleman lantern, which can serve as outhouse finder—look out, it's terrifying in there!—or Bic lighter substitute at concerts back home. That one's been downloaded 80,000 times in less than a month, ranking 18th on the most-popular list. It's part of an overall branding campaign for the 109-year-old Coleman with TV and print ads that tout the great outdoors as "the original social networking site." Sleeping on the ground and taking cold showers never sounded so au courant.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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