You might be a redneck, but have you truly 'Gone Country'?

Posted on Thu Jan 15 2009


You know you're a redneck when you invite a TV crew into your "crib" and parade your progeny for a Procter & Gamble paycheck. But are you truly country before you hit the bottle and sing about it?
  Well, now, most-maligned mommy Kate Gosselin (or anyone) can truly go country, thanks to a viral campaign by Country Music Television supporting the fish-out-of-water reality show Gone Country 3.
  An e-mail directs the recipient to a Go Country microsite, where the host of the cable net's Top 20 Countdown exclaims, in a breaking news story, "Look who's Gone Country!" (Hint: If you've received the e-mail, it's most likely you.) Your name is then flashed on a Nashville marquee, a newspaper headline and a CD, as fans scream and country artists gush over you (without dropping your name or even a personal pronoun). You can add the video to a social networking site or prank friends at
  In Gone Country, a smorgasbord of entertainers with too much free time (George Clinton, Mickey Dolenz, Taylor Dayne, Richard Grieco) compete to see who can be the most C-word. Gone Country 3 starts airing Jan. 24 on CMT.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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