FastPencil can turn you into Seth Godin in just 90 days!

Posted on Wed Mar 10 2010


If you've ever browsed the shelves at your local bookstore, you've probably wondered how it is that a rock star or a pro basketball player who can scarcely assemble a coherent clause has managed to "write" a book. The answer, of course, is that he hasn't—he paid someone else to do it. Surely, however, the far more respectable realm of business titles can't be up to the same hocus pocus. Well, a recent press release from the folks at FastPencil has us wondering. The Campbell, Calif.-based company has just launched what it calls the Concierge Thought Leadership Book Program that allows "busy executives" to produce a "high quality book… without having to actually type every keystroke themselves." Enrolling in the program, the company promises, "simplifies the book authoring process by providing influencers with an expert team of ghostwriters, designers, and editors"—all of whom will help said busy execs to "solidify their credibility" with a book. In fact, the whole process takes a mere 90 days, and you can even choose from a variety of templates, including "personal memoir" and "the great American novel." We hate to spoil the fun by pointing out that much of today's thought leadership preaches the importance of honesty and integrity in your brand—but heck, Mr. CMO, somebody knows you're too busy to actually write that book that'll have your name on it. So, call today! Ghostwriters are standing by!

—Posted by Robert Klara



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