Clorox brand name is suddenly a slang term for extreme hunger

Posted on Thu Mar 26 2009


Here's an example of a situation no marketer would want to be associated with: In Haiti, there's a new slang term for extreme hunger: Clorox. Also known as "battery acid," a Christian missionary in that country describes it as "a famine that leaves their mouths white and dry from hunger, like powdery Clorox, and leaves their intestines feeling like they are being slowly eaten by battery acid." The term has been around since at least last June, when the AP wrote about it, but it's getting a big push from Ben Schott's Schott's Vocab, a new New York Times blog that cited the term today. Though Clorox the brand has absolutely no cause to address the situation, it might be a good idea to send some aid down to Haiti anyway. Might be a good idea for anyone else, too. Here's one way.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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