CIT Group's TV commercials as bankrupt as the company itself

Posted on Tue Nov 3 2009

Global financial lender CIT Group is going to need some financial help itself, after filing for bankruptcy this week. The company, now seeking to cut its $10 billion debt, is also going to need some help with its ads, like this one, which don't really leave an impression. The ad promises that CIT is able to provide financing to keep healthcare "strong and healthy," as a new mother is shown holding her child at the hospital. Other scenarios fill the screen, including: a turbine producing wind energy (new resources); a man on a mobile device and a woman using streaming video on her laptop (better communications); college students graduating (financial aid); researchers in a lab and a girl looking at the sky (financing the future). Sound familiar? That's because we've seen these images in hundreds of other ads dealing with important life matters. CIT's spot is so generic that it's interchangeable with any other type of corporate advertising. And in the oversaturated world of financial services, being able to stand out from the pack is key.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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