Cisco asking for great, brief works of art from your Flip camera

Posted on Tue Mar 23 2010


I learned several things by watching videos submitted to a contest called "Do you Flip?" In no particular order: Gabrielle Reece looks amazing under water, Stephen Colbert can't train his dog, babies have funny expressions, and daredevils make good subjects. Cisco, the marketer behind the ingenious little Flip camera, says it will use random clips from folks, famous or otherwise, in a new ad campaign. Everybody's invited, but there's already some stiff competition (see above) and one vid that reminds me of an old Kids in the Hall skit. People are getting pretty creative in the space of 10 seconds or less. Flip asks that submissions be family friendly and logo free, with the participants willing to be part of a produced commercial. No word on how many of the videos will be included in the upcoming campaign, but Flip can likely make good use of all those free, bite-sized pieces of consumer-generated content. Operative word: free. So, go ahead and send in your cat's adventure on a treadmill. You know you want to.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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