A few free Cinnabon rolls is the least we can do for the nurses

Posted on Wed Apr 29 2009


On a daily basis, nurses are treated to cranky patients, doctors with God complexes and stressed-out visitors who treat them like waitresses in white. Sure, a few Nurse Ratcheds strong-arm their way in with the Florence Nightingales, but overall, they average out as angels of mercy. Now, as a thank you for the extraordinary services they provide, Cinnabon and The DAISY Foundation are rewarding nurses with free pastries during Nurses Week on May 6-12. Hey, it's better than a sharp stick to the eye (which could get infected, so don't try). Nurses who flash their healthcare ID or badge at one of the bakeries during that week will receive a free Cinnabon Classic Roll in return. Bonnie and Mark Barnes established The DAISY Foundation in 2000 and have presented 4,000 nurses with the DAISY Award, which honors outstanding patient care. Mark's son Patrick died of complications from an auto-immune disease after an extended hospital stay in which he insisted on sharing his preferred food—Cinnabon Classic rolls—with his caregivers. Gift certificates for the pastries have been part of the Foundation's awards package as a nod to his sweet tooth. The press release notes that the offer is only valid at participating U.S. bakeries—not locations at airports or travel plazas—so RNs won't likely be getting hopped up on an 813-calorie Cinnabon and hopping on a plane.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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